• We are value investors
  • A subsidiary of Pierce Capital

We are a privately held diversified investment and consulting group

Pierce Group Asia

Over the past decade we have proudly financed and invested in more than 70 private and public companies, both big and small.

A subsidiary of Pierce Capital, we are a privately held diversified investment and consulting group that has operations and investments in several geographic locations including the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai and Australia.

We follow a variety of investment strategies in pursuit of superior investment results over the long term. A significant portion of the capital we deploy is our own, but we remain guided by the fiduciary principles of doing what’s right for our outside and partner investors. We work hard to avoid fads and fashion when looking for investment opportunities, sticking to things we understand while working with people we respect and trust. We have been involved in asset management for a long time and have successfully managed through the challenges of Bull and Bear markets alike. Most of our group employees have been with us for many years, a testament to our collegial and collaborative working environment.

Our investment strategies include late stage venture capital, public equities, private debt, private equity and distressed investments.

As we are a privately held group and are not in the practice of raising external funds, we do not seek publicity for our activities and we tend not to publically publish details of on our investment holdings. We strongly believe company promotion efforts are best focussed on our investee operations and the hard working entrepreneurs and management teams that run these fine businesses.

Our Guiding Principles

We are value investors. We build conviction by having a firm understanding of a company’s ‘reason to exist.’ We are attracted to companies with defensible, proven business models, enduring free cash flow, motivated management teams and deep customer relationships.

Pierce is an unusual investment firm in that our key executives and their families have contributed a significant portion of our capital that we deploy and it represents a meaningful portion of their net worth. With our interests well aligned with other outside investors’, we are concerned with both the financial success of our investments and with the ethical and moral standards of high integrity and good governance.

We have always believed that an operational focus is critical to creating sustainable value in businesses. Pierce enjoys a network of industrial and financial partners, many of whom we have done business with for years. We routinely rely on operating executives of current or former portfolio businesses as well as investors and fund managers to develop proprietary insights into our investment opportunities. Through many years of experience building businesses and our ability to draw on the talents and knowledge of our operating executives, we are able to help companies enhance their core advantages and transcend their historical limitations.

We believe strongly in the benefits of partnership. We often deploy our capital alongside other like-minded investors, believing in the wisdom of multiple perspectives and the resiliency derived from additional human and capital resources.

Our Equity Group

Our equity group has a broad and flexible investment mandate which allows us to pursue attractive opportunities as a sponsor, co-investor or limited partner wherever we find them. We invest in both control and non-control situations, and are very comfortable participating alongside other investors. We hold investments in a wide variety of industries around the globe, in companies that can range in enterprise value from micro-cap to in excess of $1 billion.

Wherever we invest, whatever the industry or amount of our investment, our core philosophy is always the same: find companies with identifiable barriers to competition, partner with talented managers operating under the right incentives, forge long-term relationships built on accountability, trust, transparency and collaboration, and together we will create value.

Investment Profile & Strategy

Generally, we invest in profitable, well-established companies with tangible competitive advantages which benefit from clearly identifiable barriers to competition. Our investment philosophy is to invest in change – change created by industry trends, economic cycles or specific company circumstances. As a sponsor or in partnership with other like-minded investors, we seek to drive expanded market presence, improved profitability and a steepened growth trajectory in our portfolio companies.

We provide creative capital, structured for each investment opportunity. While we do not seek to become involved in the daily operations of our portfolio companies, our wealth of experience, deep industry expertise and large global network of affiliated partners, advisory board members, and operating executive’s position us as a vital resource from which management can draw strategic, financial and operational guidance.

We invest in companies across a broad range of industries and geographies. Our goal is to help management teams build long-term value that benefits all stakeholders. We structure our private capital investments based on each company’s circumstances and generally seek to invest in established businesses requiring equity capital of between $5 and $20 million. For larger transactions, we have co-invested in partnership with other sponsors.

Pierce’s relationship with its portfolio companies is generally long term. We commit our own capital to every transaction and partner with senior managers, who generally invest a substantial portion of their own net worth in their businesses.

Investment Criteria

Size of Investment $5-20 million
Size of Target Company > $1 million of EBITDA
Control We pursue both control and minority investments
Board Representation Yes
Ownership Requirements Flexible
Investment Stage No early stage VC (only Series B/C). We typically invest in profitable, established businesses
Transaction Types Recapitalizations, growth equity, corporate divestitures, public equities.
Investment Securities Equity-linked mezzanine debt, preferred stock and common stock securities
Type of Target Company Public or private
Geography Primarily USA and Asia-Pacific
Typical Holding Period Long term (3-10 years)

Family Owners / Entrepreneurs: Our capital comes principally from a small number of high net worth individuals and families, and we pride ourselves on our ability to empathize with the unique needs of family owned businesses. In a very real sense, we are a family owned business. Because we deploy family money, we are acutely sensitive to the challenges and aspirations of family owned businesses. We are happy to tailor our investment to best meet your needs, from capital for growth initiatives to providing liquidity to owners who would like tap into the value that they have created.

Corporations: For corporations seeking to divest non-core assets, Pierce can provide credible execution and certainty of close, as demonstrated by our long track record of equity investing and deep relationships with all relevant financial, accounting and legal counterparties.

Intermediaries: We enjoy strong relationships with banks, brokers and other sources of deal flow. We offer rapid execution and a reputation for integrity built over three decades.

Equity Firms: We frequently partner with other sponsors as both lead and minority investor, and have long experience creating value in collaborative environments.

Area of Expertise

Security & Defence | Financial Services & Insurance | Property | Electronics Manufacturing | Energy Resources | New Media & Technology | Software as a Service


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